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Firstly, an empath is an overly sensitive person who cries at greeting card commercials. Secondly, she’s a witch, an alien, and a figment of your imagination. Additionally, empaths exist in a weakened, fragile, and/or mentally ill state. Finally and most obviously, empaths are those “too emotional” people stricken with all the feels.


I’ve heard all of those empath descriptions. And yea, they’re wrong. So, we need to address that right up front.

If you’ve been searching for answers and been confused with the info that’s out there, let’s clear this empath thing up.

An empath is much simpler definition. Here it is…

Empaths Feels Energy

Well, we all feel energy, but an empath feels BIG energy. An empath is like a big antennae picking up energy signals.

All the time.

In other words, empaths have an inner readiness to resonate with the vibrations around them and feel them deeply. It’s how they are built. It’s how they were born.

Empaths come wired to connect. With everyone and everything.

In fact, an empath constantly communicates energetically with their surroundings. Waves of vibration arrive at the empath’s auric field with energy packets full of details. The empath senses these waves and attempts to sorts their frequencies.

Sometimes successfully. Sometimes not.

What Does It Feel Like To Feel Energy?

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When an empath walks into a crowd, they step into a sea of continuously changing vibrations. Their empathic antennas starts picking up energy signals from all directions.

As an empaths feels these energy signals, they often have a physical reaction and feel:

In reality, all of these reactions can signal energy moving through the empath’s auric field and body.   Then again, your reaction may be something that isn’t even listed. You are unique, and your body’s way of acknowledging an energy wave will be your own special thing and depend on the type of energy.

Different energy, different reaction.
Different empath, different reaction.

But, the energy will probably show up somewhere in your body in an attempt to get your attention .

Think Of It This Way

Picture a sound mixing board with hundreds of dials, levers and switches. That entire board would represent the collection of your empathic capabilities. Each setting determines how you receive energy and how you react to energy in any given moment.

Thus, an empath will have levels set for determiners such as:

  • Clairs
  • Empathic filters
  • Empathic specialities

These settings will also reflect any environmental influencers such as:

  • Diet
  • Drugs
  • Location
  • Weather
  • Sleep

Again, each empath is unique and fluid. These knobs and dial change constantly. For example, one day something can REALLY affect you and the next day, not so much.  Even though these dials may change daily, an empath’s skills and abilities exist as an inseparable part of their soul. They can be turned up, turned down, but they cannot all be turned off.

Are You An Empath?

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You’ve been drawn here for a reason. Even though all conscious life on this planet got the empathic wiring, the majority remain unconscious. That’s changing right now. Of those who have become aware that there’s something different about them, most are unaware of their full capacity as an empath.

Much about being an empath needs to be learned and understood. Indeed, many empaths experience a huge energetic wave of information, and then drown in an ocean of overwhelm. Empaths are hard wired to connect with everyone and everything.

So, find out who you are.
How are you perceiving energy?
How is it brought into your awareness?
What’s your most intense empathic filter?
Do you have a empathic specialty?

Find out, because knowledge turns overwhelm into adventure. And, that’s so much more fun.

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Lori Morrow Kelley

Lori is an empath supporter, podcaster, and blogger living in Texas. She is a gifted over analyzer and dog lover and spends most of her time doing both.

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