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Hey There!

I’m Lori Morrow Kelley, and I arrived here as an empath with my abilities fully installed, battery charged, switch turned on, with no instructions.

Did your empathery come with a users manual? Mine did not.

As a result, I found life incredibly lonely and overwhelming. I felt like something was wrong with me. When I discovered I was an empath, things started to make more sense.

Not immediately, but eventually.

Naturally, when I realized I had empathic abilities, I wanted to know everything.

Except, I found a lot of disempowering and conflicting “facts” that seemed to victimize the empathic experience.

Not what I was looking for.

I wanted Empathery, made simple.

So, I decided to gather all the things that reflected my truth and compile them in my own way. A way that reflected my reality.

But then, I thought about you,

and how frustrating it is when you can’t find the info that resonates with you. 

For that reason, I designed a place to explore. Think of it like an empathery buffet with a bunch of well organized info. You can decide what suits your empathic tastes. You can try things out. And, you can leave what doesn’t echo in your soul. 

heart cut out of wood through which you see a tree in front of a setting sun

At my heart, I’m just like you – an empath looking for answers. Searching for the light yet often avoiding connection.

So, even though I am a stone cold introvert, I feel like it’s only fair that I share a few things about myself. You know, in the name of vulnerability and all that.

I’m an animal lover, licorice hater, SciFi nerd.

I’m a gifted over-analyzer which will work to your benefit since I’m creating a site for empaths. 

And, well, I’ll just put the rest in a fun, pull-down accordion menu.

8 Fun Facts About Me

I was ready at age 6, but my sister couldn’t hold a pencil yet. My father made me this big free-standing chalkboard that I would drag into my sister’s room and hold class. 

I am the oldest sibling, grandchild, or cousin in my family. Either side. As such, I’ve always been in charge of keeping others safe and out of trouble. 

Is making the complicated stuff seem simple. It came with a cape. True story.

LOUD PEOPLE! Shh. I’m right here. 

“We accept the love we think we deserve,” from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. That line hit me right in the heart. 

Wonder Woman pins. I love her so much.

Hands down on any given day – Dogs! Especially puppies. I mean, it’s hardly even a choice.

There isn’t one. Again, as the aforementioned introvert, I wouldn’t BE at a cocktail party. And, if somehow I’ve been tricked into attending one, I’m standing with the foliage. Hiding in the bathroom. Rooting at the bar. Playing outside with the dogs.

silhouette of different people with a rainbow heart

You Are Most Welcome Here

Please, look around and see what connects with you.

Empath, you are so, so important in this time and place. We are important to each other.

After all, we have the same purpose – to move and change energy. To feel. To bring light to the dark places even if that starts with the darkness in us.

We all live on the same planet, breathe the same air, and share the same emotions.  

Our fates intertwine.  We should stick together.