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Empathery exists to bring understanding, balance, and harmony to empathic life

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Here for the Care & Feeding of an Empath Freebie?

By design empaths are extremely sensitive to their environment. As such, they need to clear and recharge their energy fields. Daily! Get a copy of these 6  suggestions that may help you to take care of you, Empath. It’s free. 

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Energetic Hygiene for Empaths: Preserving Your Energy in a Chaotic World

Energetic hygiene refers to the practices that help us maintain a healthy and balanced energy system, as well as a healthy boundary between energy that surrounds you. Our bodies and minds are not just physical, but also energetic. As empaths, we intensely and constantly interact with the energy around us, and this energy can have an impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health.

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How to Stop Attracting Energy Vampires

An energy vampire describes a person who drains the energy of others and leaves them feeling exhausted or depleted. Identifying an energy vampire can be tough, as they often disguise their behavior and intentions behind charm and charisma. Right up to that moment where you realize, hey, I’m feeling nauseous, tired, headachy or like I could sleep for a week.

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The Secret World of a Soul Empath

A Soul Empath’s soul level connection acts like a mirror to those who engage with their energetic field.  Their auric field will reflect back the soul work that needs to be addressed in this earthly existence. They often stir up unresolved issues in others without any intention of doing so.

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Empathery Because Being an Empath Is An Art

Empathery, which is the art of being an empath, is learned. And, then practiced. A lot. In fact, empathery isn’t just an art, it’s a fine art.

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Hey There, Empath!

So happy you stopped by. I've being calling to you, searching for you and now - here you are here. Voilà. I'm Lori. It's a pleasure to virtually meet you. I created Empathery to be a collection of useful info for empaths. Because being an empath is an art. Please look around and see what resonates with you. We have so much to talk about.

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