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Welcome to the Revolution

Empaths are a powerful force in this time and place. And, there are so many of us.

It’s not time to play small, Empath. It’s time to spread your bright light out as far as it will go. It’s time to move and change energy.

Find out who you really are.

See what you are truly capable of doing.

You are such an amazing being.

Now is the time to find your inner Ninja Empath.

We have things to do.

Season 1 of Empathery

S1E8 - Energetic Hygiene for Empaths: Preserving Your Energy in a Chaotic World

How do you take care of yourself in a messy world with messy energy? How are empaths to maintain a healthy and balanced energy system? Join me and we’ll talk about it.

S1E7 - How to Stop Attracting Energy Vampires

If you’re wondering why you’ve met an energy vampire, this episode is for you. We’ll explain what an energy vampire is, explore the common signs and symptoms of meeting one, and offer tips on how to stop meeting them in the future. By the end of this podcast, you’ll have a better understanding of how to recognize and deal with energy vampires in your life.

S1E6 - The Secret World of a Soul Empath

The life of a soul empath is not an easy one, but it is a beautiful gift to the world. These empaths are driven by a deep love and perceived responsibility for the planet and all its inhabitants. In this episode, we discover how a soul empath’s unique connection on a soul level can act as a mirror for those who engage with their energy field, stirring up unresolved issues without any intention to do so.

S1E5 - 5 Empath Myths That Need to Go

We’re exploring five common myths often associated with empaths. We’ll examine the misconceptions surrounding empathy, sensitivity, and intuition and provide insights on how to navigate these traits in daily life. Join us as we debunk the myths and uncover the truths about being an empath. 

S1E4 - Energetic Depletion

Are you feeling drained and out of balance? It could be energetic depletion. Energetic depletion is a condition that occurs when your auric field is cluttered with energetic negativity, making it difficult to receive and interpret energy signals.

In this episode, we’ll talk about what causes energetic depletion, ways to restore your energy, and a special event to help you clear out all the energetic baggage that’s weighing you down and start anew. Empaths, this is your chance to get back to feeling energized and balanced.

S1E3 - The Victim Channel

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck on the “Victim Channel,” where all you seem to attract is negative energy? It’s not where any of us want to be. But don’t worry – in this episode, we’ll discuss what the Victim Channel is, how we got there, and most importantly, how to change the channel.

S1E2 - Anatomy of an empath

Do you ever feel like you understand the emotions and actions of others without even being told? That you can sense the unspoken vibes and waves around you? That’s what it means to be an Empath — someone who is highly sensitive to the energies around them.

But what does your internal “anatomy” look like? What words define an empath’s experience?

In this article, we’ll explore the Empathic Framework – the anatomy of you, Empath. You’ll learn about the unique qualities that define an empath and how understanding your empathic framework makes sensing waves and sorting vibrations easier and more enjoyable.

S1E1 - What is an empath?

There’s a lot of confusing and disempowering info out there about being an empath? What is an empath exactly? What is it like to feel energy? How are you doing that? What do you do with all that energy you are feeling? Let’s talk.